Friday, December 03, 2010


On our recent trip to visit family in SoCal, we got together a few times to go kayaking and paddle boarding at the local lagoon. With the temperatures in the high 60's, the ocean breezes at rest, and the week off from work and school responsibilities, the days allowed for plenty of family fun.

I actually did get much further from shore, though it looks like I stayed in ankle deep water!! The tide was exceptionally high this day giving us a rare opportunity to explore areas of the marshes that are usually inaccessible most of the time. Narrow fingers of water extended through acres of tall sea grasses that abounded with various kinds of shore birds. A very peaceful, delightful time of solitude on the water.

Calle thinks she should go along too!

This is as close to the water #6 wanted to get!

Gus enjoyed the time away from the office. His sidekick, my sister's dog, thought she would go along for a swim.

The Bug, as we like to call her, was our motivator for getting out there on the lagoon. She encouraged us to rent paddle boards the previous day. We had a great time trying that!!

Wes enjoying his journey

My sis who looks incredibly similar to me!! People still get us mixed up!

Beautiful November weather