Thursday, November 06, 2008

Time for a Rest

With all the events that have consumed my attention in the last few weeks, I was ready for some rest. I am in San Diego at this moment, sitting in a posh hotel while Gus attends a conference. While this is more work related for him, it is very rest related for me. I am so worn out this week! The decor feels more like an Ikea than a hotel! This hotel is completely geared towards the age group that we are studying this week in my lifespan class. There are mirrors everywhere, colorful fabrics, pillows, and textures adorning the windows and furniture, neon lighting, glass block, a sandy beach on the second floor and a bar in nearly every community space! The night we checked in they were having the Madonna after-concert party in the lobby! So I am getting submerged in the hedonistic, energetic type of behavior that seems to permeate this age group. So far we have visited SeaPort Village, Horton Plaza, Macy's (twice), and the Harbor. I haven't really gotten any rest! Tonight we go on a dinner cruise on a boat on the bay. Now that will be nice. I will post some photos when I can. It is fun, but a little odd. I laugh to think that in another decade or so these same young-uns will want all of those mirrors gone! No need to be reminded of those things that would change our self image! At lunch today, Gus said one of his conference-mates fell into the pool at lunch time, clothes and all. They have a very tiny pool area on the 2nd floor. The patio measures about 30 X 40 with a little pool in the middle. Well, it seems that one of the guys was carrying his plate over to his table and just spaced out the fact that there was a pool in the middle of the patio! I'm sure he was embarrassed, but I bet it was funny! Poor guy! So, all in all, we are enjoying everything. God is good to give times of rest when we need it the most.

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