Monday, March 19, 2012

Long O verdue Update

It has been waaaay too long since I've posted here. I have wanted to write, but felt a bit intimidated by the public aspect of writing my thoughts and journeys on the www. It seems more like a billboard sometimes. And, besides, what's so exciting in my life?

Well, let me tell you. Though my life may seem average and simple, it is my unique journey designed by my Father in Heaven above, and played out on a day to day basis by me! So if you are inclined to spend a few moments every once in awhile to take a peek into my existence, I will do my best to try to entertain you and not bore you!
As the weeks, months and years pass by at lightening speed, I simply try to ride the wave and stay out in front of the tsunami of life.

That being said, the recent journey began with an election. Yes, last few times I posted here, my sweet DH was running for public office. And he won! He is now a public official, wears a suit to work and both of us are members of a hoity,toity private club. We also get invited to alot of public functions like dinners, auctions, memorials, dedications, that kind of thing. We really have a lot of fun doing all of this, as we get to meet some wonderful people and eat some wonderfully delicious food (most of the time!). Of course, with public office comes lots of responsibility... and dedication, and time, and commitment. Lucky for me, my husband has all of that and I just go along for the ride.
Add to that my mid life surge. I am in Nursing School studying to be an RN. In about 18 months, I will have my license and will be using that to soar into retirement with grace and a little $ in my pocket. Actually, I am hoping to gain some experience somewhere then traveling out into the world to do medical missions. That's our hope. To put some purpose in our travels. I could start a new web site. "Traveling with Purpose". Sounds adventurous! .....well, lets just leave it there.

Still raising kids, still making soap, still taking long, meditative walks on the beach.
As life boils by like a school of krill on the surface of the ocean, I just try to stay afloat and enjoy the journey!

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  1. WEll Hello there. Glad to have you back on the www.