Friday, January 11, 2008

More than an afternoon's worth

The intense winter weather took a rest today. The sun actually came out this morning and it was warm. For about 30 minutes....then the clouds began to form again. So, being from Humboldt County, I rally the children and the dogs and holler, "Let's go out to the beach!" Since our nice days are drastically numbered this time of year, this is what we Humboldters must do. The errands get postponed, the chores are left undone and the school work gets left behind even if only for an hour or two. Faces that were moments ago sullen and downcast are now glowing with the anticipation of fun! It's amazing how quickly all of our attitudes improve just by getting out in the fresh air for a short time. Cabin fever can run into the critical stage this time of year.
Once here, screams of delight fill the air as the kids jump out of the truck with arms and legs flying. Hide and go seek in the tall dune grass is always a favorite, (No matter how old you are!).
The dogs hit the sand running before we can even get our coats on. The cabin fever affects them too, I guess. The sound of the ocean waves again, soothes my soul. I feel a rush of peace come over me as I allow the creation of God to wash away my anxieties and stresses. Mmmm. Nice.
I love the way Our Heavenly Father provides such sweet delights for us in the simplest ways. When the days are sometimes difficult to get through, He offers a subtle suggestion that will lift our hearts and our spirits. He is a wonderful God. Often times we may think that we are alone in our difficulties while everyone else around us is doing just fine. I am continually reminded that God our Father truly does give us the desires of our hearts if we would just turn our minds and ears toward Him so that we may receive it.

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  1. ..."the desires of our heart"...and, if we ask, He even directs our heart to desire His path for us! Thanks for the lovely reminder.
    P.S. Where can I get a pull-over like yours?