Friday, May 21, 2010

Down to the Final Few Weeks!!

The election is wrapping up here in the next few weeks. So far the numbers look good! Some straw polls show the percentages at about 68/25 favoring Downey, with 7% undecided. We are receiving such wonderful support from the community, encouraging us about Downey's ability to serve as our next Sheriff. We are hoping for a landslide victory!!! Here is a local article highlighting Downey's abilities and experience to take on the task of running this vast department. I like the part where he says the difference between his own abilities and his opponent's is like the difference between abilities of driving a battleship and a motorboat, respectively!! The comments section of the article provides more kudos for our candidate that give an insight to just what the public is saying about this political race. There is another article in the same publication that covers the opponent's political platform. The comments on that article are quite telling!! It's good to know some insights into an individual's character before voting for him/her instead of relying on the campaign rhetoric that they spew out throughout the months and weeks preceding an election! Thanks for all the support and encouragement from all of you during this campaign endeavor!! We truly appreciate every bit of it!!

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