Tuesday, May 11, 2010


One of the requirements of running for a public office is standing head to head with your opponent and defending your positions on various controversial issues. Gus has done such an excellent job of providing the voters of Humboldt County with a sound understanding of some of the critical issues in the Sheriff's Office that affect their lives on a daily basis. Here is a link to one such Forum that was televised on one of the local stations. Just to give you an insight into the type of situations he has to endure in order to fulfill his calling to finish out his long, committed career in law enforcement.
It lasts about an hour, so if you don't get through it all, I can certainly understand!!! Some of it is rather dry and difficult to sit and listen to, but I'm sure that these same types of issues are critical in your own communities as well.
Go Mike! I believe in you!! And I know that you will be the best man for the job of Sheriff of Humboldt County!!

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  1. Yes, Go Mike D., or Gus as he is affectionately called here. :-)