Saturday, February 16, 2008

Above Humboldt

Today I climbed a mountain. A mountain called Monument. When the morning sun is
beaming through my eastern facing windows and the village life gets too close, I head for the hills. This is where my I can give my being a much needed rest. I stood there on that mountain that gazes down upon my town amazed at the beauty and wonder that laid before me. The carefully organized little town of Scotia, the rolling hills of Hydesville, the friendly town of Fortuna set next to the path of the Eel River which makes its way leisurely down to the Pacific Ocean all were visible. Even the Humboldt Bay was clearly in view in the far distance. WOW! I had never before beheld such a view of this area! The day was what I like to call a "turquoise" day, when the sky and the ocean are that incredible shade of blue that just draws you into it. The kind of day that demands that you get out and experience its fullness. Days like this are little pieces of heaven that break off and land here just for us to enjoy. God likes to give us a glimpse of His world. That's what I told my kids, anyway! The road that lay before me beckoned me to its summit and there I stood, gazing down upon the day. I love Humboldt county. So many areas to explore, so many places to get away from town and just get quiet.


  1. I love Humboldt County too.
    I miss it.
    And I miss sitting on your bench in the back yard visiting with you and Seth.
    Tell Seth I'm here in the snow because....I don't know what I'm doing with my life...No, I'm kidding.
    I'm just here because this is where the Lord led me for now.

  2. I have been checking your blog everyday for a new post... get busy. :-)