Sunday, February 10, 2008


I had a good long walk today. I was able to sneak away from the fam and grab some alone time. I don't usually have alot of that since my fam is fairly large and it takes quite a bit of attention to detail to keep it functioning at a steady pace. So when the opportunity arises I quickly grab it and go. I have been trying to get out and about more when the weather is nice. This time of year it can be hit or miss. Today was beautiful. While planning my escape, I remembered this old country road in Ferndale that meanders along a quiet creek winding its way down to the Eel River. I stumbled upon this trek while attending a Senior Hiking club outing. (Yes, I do now qualify to participate in senior things. They keep lowering the age for qualifying, so now at 50, I can go along with them!) A few weeks ago we went on this 5 mile walk as a group, but today it was mine alone. I took my dog along and off we went. I walked, I prayed, I sang, and I marveled at just how beautiful God has created this planet we call Earth. Cows were grazing on the gently sloping hills, some pairing with newborn calves. Horses basked in the afternoon sun, drinking in its warmth. And robins were everywhere. I felt so alive and so privileged to be able to enjoy such wonders. They are so simple, but I never want to take them for granted. I know that time marches on and some day I may not have this privilege, so I treasure each day as the minutes tick by. I thought as I prayed, how magnificent God has created this world in which we live and how luring it is, drawing us into its pleasures. I want to experience all of it, appreciate every bit of it, and glorify God in all of it.
I thought about how privileged these people are who live out here and how ashamed I was of myself for wishing that I could live in one of these fine houses. As I erased the lustful thoughts, I began to realize that I don't have to own a piece of this country life to enjoy its bounty. God has provided for me many opportunities to partake in experiencing rural living just by living in Humboldt County. For example, our friends ranch in Salmon Creek,
is a wonderful place where we spend time with our friends. And on any given day I can pick and choose a rural country road and admire it in all its beauty. I'm grateful for any and all opportunities God gives to enjoy His creation.

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  1. I'm glad you feel that way about the ranch! 'Cause if not, we would be imposing all those times we run to your beautiful cozy home-in-a-village and surround ourselves with civilization and love! thanks. mark