Monday, February 25, 2008

Training days

Today was my first day with Norma and Lucille. These two gals are roommates at the resident home where I am doing my nurse assistant training. They have the distinct honor of being the very first persons to receive my somewhat non-existent skills of "A.M. Care. ” This morning care would include dressing, washing, brushing and preparing these fine ladies for their soon to arrive breakfast. Upon arrival, I found that Lucille had already made a B-line for the dining hall. She was nowhere to be found. Norma on the other hand was snoozing soundly in her warm bed, mouth agape with a slight turning up of the corners. She was enjoying some sweet sleep. I hated to wake her, but I had a mission. Three of us were assigned to take care of these girls, which at first I thought a little ridiculous, but then again, I hadn't met Lucille yet. More on that later. Norma awakened reluctantly only to have these three overeager student trainees looking at her like she were a princess waiting to be attended to. She gently smiled at the anticipation of being showered with attention or perhaps because she thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with us. We informed her we were going to give her a tub bath, bubbles and all, to which she amiably acquiesced. Things went pretty well in the bathing room until we turned on the air jets in the tub and the bubbles really began to grow! Apparently we had used a little bit too much soap! Pretty soon Norma had wispy white bubbles creeping up to her chin. We decided,(as a group, of course) to pull the plug and rinse her off with the hand held shower. This proved to be a very good decision and Norma was hoisted from the tub and promptly dressed. Mission accomplished. Into the wheelchair and off to breakfast we went. (another group decision.).

Norma sat at the table with her usual friends. You know these folks will let you know when things are not quite on spot. Wrong table? Oh.... she likes to go over there? Got it. They don't miss a beat. So with breakfast served, we went off to find a new mission. Where was Lucille?

After several trips down the hall, through the dining area then back to the room, we found her. She was sitting quietly in her chair keeping an eye on the nurse's station. I bent down to say hello to her when someone tapped me on the shoulder and warned me. “She hits and scratches, so watch out.” Thanks for the tip, I thought. I carefully bent down to greet her and she reached out to take my hand. She was a little bit of a gal. Probably only 90 lbs or so. She pensively looked up at me as I said hello and then quietly wept. Just for a second. Then she let me know who was in charge here, and that she meant business. She was a feisty little thing! Now I knew why they put us all together with these sweet ladies. Size is not match even when someone is 40 yrs older than you are, let me tell you. Actually, she wasn't difficult. After all, how many other N. A. had she had to put up with lately? Were they all as clumsy as me? If so, I could totally see her annoyance. I told her we were going to take her back to her room and freshen her up a bit so she could take a rest on her bed. Once we got her on her bed, she made it very clear to us that she didn't like being fussed with. We did our best to make her as comfortable as we could. I think I was the only one who survived the entire ordeal with out a poke or a jab or a nip, but we again accomplished our mission.

About an hour later, I looked in on our gals and found them comfortably sleeping away the late morning. Tomorrow I will have the same two ladies, so as they say, we will see what the morrow brings. Oh, you're wondering about the photo of the horse? I just thought it was a pretty picture of Shyanne.


  1. We miss you!! Glad to hear your training is going well. Also glad to hear you made it home without any "incidents." Biting, scratching and hitting...they make it sound like you're going to be caring for wolverines!! Just let the light of Jesus shine through you to those ladies and they will see you are different, in a good way. :)

  2. Being kind and useful to a group of people who may not be happy with their circumstances...sounds a little like Eric's new job! Perhaps you need one of those duty belts full of equipment?
    You got me with Shyanne's photo, I was reading with that splinter in my mind, wondering how you got her involved! mark

  3. I thought the picture was Chica! Great story, I can't wait to hear how today goes.

  4. I also thought the photo was Chica until JoJo told me it was Shy-anne!