Sunday, March 09, 2008

Humboldt House of Peace

Yesterday was the opening day of the House of Peace in Redway at the corner of Briceland Rd.and Par Ave. (formerly Noah's Ark Preschool). The House of Peace is a place where anyone can come, hangout and seek. It is a place of spiritual discovery. It is a place where seekers can come and ask questions, search scriptures, and understand more about themselves, about their beliefs and about their place in creation. The compassionate couple who traveled all the way from Ohio to begin work on this endeavor are eager to share their gift of love to those walking through their doors. The place is newly decorated inside with a feel of your own home making it warm and inviting.Working alongside other outreach groups in the community, the House of Peace will offer spiritual insight to anyone who is longing for answers to some of the more difficult questions of life. Mike and Julie are willing to invest their time into those who would seriously like to anchor themselves in truth. Anyone who would like to check it out is welcome to stop by and visit. Hours vary, so make sure you check ahead before you make the trip.


  1. Oohh, PEACE! I thought it was a vegetarian hangout! I'm actually very pleased with the way Mike and Julie are shaping their ministry.
    (with the possible exception of letting mr. downey sit in on the drum session.) House of peas might have worked in Redway...

  2. Thanks for the rave review! Your description is exactly what we're going for! It was so nice to have you there "opening day"