Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Image of Royalty - Pt. 2

The responsibility of owning your own horse is not all fun and pleasure as most people would assume it to be. A big part of the joy of having a horse is taking care of the animal with grooming, brushing, cleaning and buying tack, saddles, riding equipment and the like. One of the lesser spoken of expenses of horse ownership would be the vet bills. As I mentioned previously, my daughter's horse had an accident the other day when they went riding up in Salmon Creek. Image got tangled up in some barbed wire while the girls were working cattle up at the Ranch
Reebs showed me the photos of the leg today after two earlier trips to the vet.

Here's the leg with bandages on it before Reebs undresses is for cleaning and disinfecting.

This is what the injury looks like. I think Gus' (grandpa undersheriff) face pretty much says enough for all of us.

This is a nasty cut. Apparently he was wound up in the wire long enough to shred the skin this much. Nothing that a week or so of antibiotics can't take care of.
Couple of these big babies and Image should be feeling better in no time.New bandages all in place for a day or so and then the process is done all over again. So, for those of you who have the slightest desire for acquiring your own horse, know that ownership comes in a very pretty package, but the contents of the entire package includes this type of care as well.

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