Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gross? Or just ......necessary!

It's not that Anatomy is gross, though sometimes it is..... It is a class that I am attending. I need to take this class to further my pursuits in nursing. Jo and I are taking it together which is an entirely separate blog altogether! Jo seems to have some weird attraction to the human body after it's original occupant has departed. As a matter of fact, she just took on a job as a pathologist's asst. at the county coroner's office here in town. She is disturbingly giddy about it! Anyway, I guess someone has to do it, though not just anyone can. I guess you could say that it would have to be a special calling to actually be able to perform such a job.
As you can see from the photos, she actually would think of bringing the camera to class to record our prodding and probing of these specimens that have been generously donated by their previous owners who no longer will need them. I never realized just how generous it is to donate one's body for the use of scientific research. Apparently UCSF has a program that you can sign up to that would allow you to give your self when then inevitable time comes that you go on to meet your Maker. (For those of you that happen to be interested , FYI).
So, this being just another way to wile away the winter days...... That and intermediate Algebra. My kids tease me that I am experiencing a "mid-life crisis" but I like to think of it as a mid-life surge. I'm not ready for the rocking chair and the crocheting just yet!

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  1. Amen to the surge! And the human body (especially without the caveot of needing to keep it alive and pain-free) is fascinating in revelation of the creativity of God...and the miracle of our lives, really. mark