Saturday, February 28, 2009

First of Many

Baby girl had her first trip out to the beach yesterday. In between storms this week, the sun yesterday morning appeared like the debut of a contestant on American Idol. How could we ignore it's brilliance? We had to get outside to experience this winter performance. The best place to do this is by going to one of my favorite places in Humboldt County; Table Bluff Beach.

Although Miss T. looks vaguely uninterested, I had to assume she was having a wonderful time. Considering she slept the entire time would confirm that assumption. She was completely captivated by the warm gentle breezes that brushed her cheeks as she dreamed.

The dog kept bringing us sticks to throw but E. and I were too busy taking photos of our pretty in pink package.

When we got her back to the car, E. took off her blanket to reveal Miss T's sentiments on our excursion. I love you too, baby girl!

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