Thursday, March 26, 2009


This day has been a long one. It began with an exam in Anatomy and ended with 3 hours of Algebra with a little nap on the Redwood Transit in between.
I am continuing what may be the longest, crookedest college career in history. I won't even shame myself in admitting just when this whimsical journey began. Let's just say it began in the beginning and it has yet to be completed.
When I signed up for a secondary Algebra class this semester I had to ask the counselor to vouch for me that I had already taken the primary class.... albeit many long years ago. It took him an entire day of phone calls and emails to another college I had attended in order to substantiate my transcripts.
To apply for another program recently, I needed my High school transcript. When I approached the woman at the counter to ask her for it, she wanted to know if it was for one of my children.
No, I said, for me.
She paused, then stated she was going to have to go down to the basement. When she returned, she said she had to blow the dust off of it and brush the cob webs out of her hair.
Very funny...
If my college experiences were a recipe, I would not only be cooking for an entire army, but I would have a most unique ingredient list. It began with a goal, a desire to prepare for a career and enrollment at the local community college. To which I soon added some dating, some romance and eventually a marriage. I stirred in a couple of kids and promptly threw in a couple more classes. Before long I had added several more children, a couple of surgeries, a fixer upper house, and a large variety of animals and of course, more classes. I beat all of this on high for several more years which quickly became decades. So now, after all of this preparation, I am ready to put it all into the oven. With time, the mix of my academic life has begun to take shape. It looks like I might actually have something worthwhile here.
Last week, I applied for a petition to graduate with an AA degree in....
what else!...
General Studies!
Somehow, somewhere along the way, my endless hours of lectures and note taking, staying up late studying after everyone else had gone to bed, and many hard earned dollars forked out for text books has earned me the right to receive a college degree. This last Math class was the only thing standing between me and that cap and gown. So it looks like a go.
Although I won't embarrass myself (or them) by putting on that cap and gown and walking across the stage with all of those 2o yr. olds, I am still feeling very gratified that I have finally, after all these years, graduated from college. But that doesn't mean that I'm done. There will be a sequel.
Never say never.


  1. Obviously, school dreams are close to my heart. I've secretly been rooting for you in your pursuit. What a wonderful analogy! I loved reading this post. And you should be proud of yourself Annette! Well done...and I don't just mean about getting a degree, I mean way to have persevered no matter how long or what round about manner you did it! It's a great feeling to have finished, isn't it! -Kate

  2. A lovely and wonderful post and accomplishment.