Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Days in the making

Few days ago:
Boy Scout Dinner- Oh, do we need to make deserts?
Practical Exam in Anatomy- 7 chapters of material to master. Lots of studying.
Daughter and son both not feeling well with ear and sinus issues; she with wisdom teeth coming in.
What am I? The Black Widow of computers?? I killed another one. I don't know what happened... it just happened. One minute it worked, the next minute it didn't. Hmm. Well I was trying to upload some Windows updates, then I decided not to and cancelled it in the middle of it. That was it. Then I couldn't get anything. Since I bought it at Costco I am going to take it back. I have had numerous "mini dumps" already, so I think I will just take it back and get another one. Nice that Costco gives the customer 90 days to return electronics.
Daughter checks her grades online in Anatomy to find out that she got a low score on her exam. She gushes tears, I offer hugs and encouragement. No coffee yet. Get a call from son #1 second thing this morning. Can you watch the kids today? Wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant, throwing up and has a possible kidney infection. How can I say no? Gotta get some coffee. Finally, brown fluid flows from my Irish Attitude cup (the one that says that since I am Irish, my attitude needs no adjusting).At least I can think a little better now. Kids arrive, hungry and excited to be at Grandma's house! Lots of playing, fort building with the big boys, eating yummy snacks, scurrying around the back yard with little Tykes, then very long naps! :) I finally get a chance to sit down to work on my Algebra assignment when I remember that I am Dog-sitting for Reebs and Cam.
They arrive just as I grit my teeth in mathematics frustration with the Calculator. Rex is staying for the week. Tilly, my large black lab, is overjoyed as they run and run and run. More Algebra, more frustration, sometimes tears. Guess I will be spending extra time in the Math Lab tomorrow.
Dear Gus just walked in the door, so perhaps we can steal away for a much needed brisk walk. We have actually become masters at escaping the family nuthouse. Over the years this behavior has become a necessity in order to keep our sanity and our love alive! Sometimes we get away for a few hours, on other glorious occasions, we get days!!
The way the day is progressing.... I will take minutes if that's all I can get!!
Until then.....
Keep smiling !!!

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