Friday, April 03, 2009

For Want of Sleep

Sleeping upright in a recliner just won't produce the quality of sleep that one needs in order to get through the day. Especially a faux leather recliner with wheels on a laminate floor. I spent most of a long, sleepless night fidgeting and flopping around trying to snuggle into some sort of acceptable position that could garner some sleep. That was of course in between the beeps and drips of the machines that were hooked up to my dear DIL as she battled a high fever and a raging bladder infection. I did, however, find a gentle comfort in listening to the sound of the constant rhythm of the heartbeat of my yet to be born grandchild as "she" was recorded by the various monitors that were hooked up to her mother. Thankfully, though Mom's fever was high and the contractions were coming, baby was fine. After a few hours of I. V. fluids and tylenol, the fever was down and the contractions dissipated.
After a long week of trying to keep pace with 3 college classes and a day of tracking small mammals through the forest, I am ready to find a nice quiet place to rest my weary head!
Thank goodness for a wide open weekend of family time and "chill-axing" ! I find that to be "sweet-acular"!

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  1. Hang in there! So glad to hear the DIL and baby are doing better. You are welcome to hang out' chilaxing' here anytime.