Tuesday, April 07, 2009

First and perhaps not the last

JoJo in her "work" uniform!

This past weekend, I accompanied Jo to work at the Coroner's office to experience my first autopsy. I was apprehensive to attend, but since I am very intrigued by the creation of our wonderful bodies, I forced myself to go. Though it was not one of my favorite ways to spend a sunny weekend morning, I am completely glad that I went.
Admittedly, the intrusion upon the human physique during the procedure is rude at best, the valuable experience gained from it far out weighs its lack of polite behavior. The entire procedure was absolutely fascinating. What a marvelous, infinitely fantastic mechanism our bodies are!! Seeing all of it up close and personal was amazing!
I was able to make it through the entire 3 hour procedure with out having to leave at anytime because of queasiness. Beforehand, I was wondering if I would be able to "stomach" the entire ordeal, not knowing what to expect. But, overall it was do-able. I made it through. I even assisted a little bit! At one point, Jo was busy doing something else and the Dr. asked me if I could assist him while he removed the right kidney!
Accepting the concrete, absolute-ness of death helps to accept the fact that this is just tissue. The spirit is gone, the soul is gone. Only the outer shell of carbon and organic matter remains. Thus, the body can be a tool of usefulness for others to learn from. Period. That's all it is after the spirit is gone.
What a unique opportunity it was for me. I treasure these days of exploring, learning, and experiencing new and fascinating things. I am thankful for each and every one of them.

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