Monday, May 12, 2008

The days go by......

...most of the time much too quickly. Here it is the middle of May already with summer just around the corner and I am still fighting my winter pudge. I keep telling myself that summer doesn't really start here in Humboldt until July so I still have plenty of time. I just don't know how long I am going to be able to say that. I am trying to get back into good shape so that I can keep up with everyone in my household. Everyone seems to be going in a different direction while I try to not only keep up with them, but also try to pick up after them. Ugh. I get so sick of it. This is just going to be a short rant, but for crying out loud, who do they think will pick up after them when they leave home?? Their spouse? Roommate? (Do you remember your mother saying the same thing?).

Last time we went camping I took a picture of the campsite because I thought that it looked just like home...stuff everywhere. I wanted to forget about it and not stress over it but then this mother-thing takes over. That little voice that tells me that I am responsible for making healthy, functioning, productive citizens out of these people and that time is running out! I don't have that many years left to train them before they move out and grow up. So sometimes I panic about that..... then I nag.... then nobody wants to be around me because they think that I am in a bad mood. But actually I am just panicking. Worried that they will grow up to be slobs. Or worse yet, what if their spouses blame me for their bad habits?!
So that's it. One mother's rant a day after Mother's day. I'm done. I know that as their father and I raise them up that they will be fine. I think it's just the gaps in that training that I wonder about......

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  1. Pudge? You? I'll show you pudge... on second thought... nevermind. Also, some of the camping stuff in the photo look vaguely familiar... those kids! That was a great trip! mark