Friday, May 09, 2008

Emo moment

How is it possible that my emotions are so fickle?? I have known for months that I had to find a new home for Hero, yet now that I have accomplished that goal my heart is somewhat torn. I keep telling myself that he is only a dog, not my child, or that other people have suffered greater losses than this and I am being absolutely ridiculous to get emotional over a dog. Yet somehow the tears come anyway. When I greet my Lab, Tilly, in the morning, I miss Hero's over-the-top jumping up and down with muddy paws against my clean jeans. I have phantom sightings of him throughout the day as I go about my daily routines only to discover that it is one of my 4 cats slinking around me. You see, Hero used to follow me wherever I went. He had that terrier nose poked into whatever I happen to be doing. If I was edging the lawn, Hero was next to me chewing the blades of grass as if to participate in the process. If I was digging weeds, he was busy trying to discover what it was that I was searching for. He was quite the little companion. So I guess it's no wonder that I miss his beady little black eyes staring up at me in wonderment. He had personality. I know that I did the right thing by finding him a new home and I know that he will be loved very much by his new owner. It is these assurances that give my heart the comfort I need for this silly ache that I feel. Tilly misses him too. She seems less interested in things as Hero was her constant companion. I got a follow up email from Hero's new owner and he informs me that his new buddy is doing absolutely perfect! He now enjoys that companionship that once belonged to me and is now warming his lonely heart.
O.k. I'm done. Enough. I am over it. Move on. Move past. Yeh, right.

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  1. Ohhh, now I miss the little bugger too. He really is special. IS, being the important word. Is, Is, Is. I am glad you found someone else to love and cherish him like you do. Blessings.