Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day & my Dad

So.... where is the sunshine???? According to the weather man, we are supposed to have some sun this weekend but I woke up this morning to drizzly skies and clouds.... hmm. With plans to take 6 teens down to the campsite, this could spell disaster! Can you just imagine being locked in a small trailer with six teens???? Doesn't sound too appealing to me either! As we gather around the breakfast table this morning nibbling on Jo's freshly made cinnamon rolls, we are contemplating our plans for the 3 day weekend. Do we stay home to work on the never-ending house projects or do we just go for it, head down to the camp to see how it goes with the weather? I decided to go with whatever decision is made, so I will stay upstairs in my chamber while awaiting the final decision.
So with that aside, this Memorial Day weekend I will remind myself why it is that we even celebrate this holiday. Many have given years of their lives in service, others have paid the ultimate price and lost their own lives in order that mine would be better. My own father being one of those whose life was spared, yet scarred in ways that none of us will ever be able to comprehend. The images and experiences of war are not easily forgotten by those who are lucky enough to make it home to their families after serving in the military. Those are the wounds that take a life time to heal.

Dad, I am thankful for your willingness to spend your youthful years defending the principles that were so dear to your heart. The scars that marred your heart and your mind will always be there, but I honor you for the diligence you have displayed over the years to work through it. Life hasn't always been easy for you in your struggle. You have made some bad choices that have had some far reaching consequences, yet you have remained solid. You have stood the test of time, you have not folded. You have not given in to the temptation of quitting. Always there, always near the line, but never crossed. You have shown me how to persevere through those times when life is hard, when the breach in the wall of the dam is seeping, ready to burst. I pray that the God of peace will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus as you reach toward the prize set before you.

Reebs wrote this for you:

When I feel a cool breeze graze my skin and play gently with my hair,
I think.
When I look at the blue sky with birds flying high, I know.
These are the things we share.
Your eyes have seen these things and your skin felt this same breeze.
I am standing free
You were in chains, with the weight of hatred scarring your body.
I am standing free
You ate the food of nightmares and still carry the effects.
I am standing free
You felt the blow of hatred and fascism.
I am standing free
You watched as your friends fell, the victims of terrible horrors.
I am standing free
You spent weeks in black misery with only your heartbeat to remind you that you were still alive
I am standing free
Your eyes forever scarred, the image of murder imprinted on the inside of your eyelids.
I am standing free
It is these things we share, the blue of the sky, the same color over Germany.
A cool breeze, so free and unconfined, the same in a prison camp.
I am standing free,
Thank you


  1. Thank you Tom. And daughter. and grand-daughter. mark

  2. Tears flow. Thanks. Tj