Friday, January 02, 2009

A Lump of Dough

Every year as a Holiday treat, I make a delicious Orange-Cinnamon Swirl Bread for Christmas morning. I usually make enough to bless all of my wonderful neighbors with a loaf as well. It is a recipe that family and friends have enjoyed for many years. It is a basic cinnamon roll recipe with a twist of orange. This year I used tangerine instead and it pushed the taste an extra level. Mmmm. I grind the wheat berries into flour just before mixing giving the bread an added measure of good nutrition. Once wheat has been ground into flour it begins to lose its B vitamin content very quickly, so grinding it as you need it, the vitamin content remains quite high. This is one way I can get my family to eat more fiber and whole wheat. I have posted more about bread baking segment HERE.

The dough is simply rolled out, cinnamon & sugar sprinkled over it, then rolled into a log. Next year I am going to try to make rolls instead of loaves.

This looked more like a banana slug or a grub than a loaf of bread!

This is two batches of the recipe. The recipe makes two loaves and I double it. I do this twice which makes 8 loaves. This may sound like a lot of bread but it gets gobbled up very quickly in my household! I glaze it with an orange-powdered sugar icing and it's good to go.

How's that for a nice morning treat??? Have a cup of coffee and enjoy!!


  1. I want some of that!

  2. Annette,

    Thanks for the nice comments on the bike helmet earmuffs over at my blog. I am so happy that these are keeping other people's ears warm! As for casting on the 22 st, I guess if you realize that you cast them on the wrong side, you could always purl the ear section (giving the wrong side of stockinette) then flip them inside out.

    I hope you have happy biking!