Saturday, January 24, 2009


Did I mention that I surfed while I was in Sayulita? Here's the exciting footage! I told Nick to tell his new baby daughter that Grandma may miss her birth because she was on a surfing trip in Mexico!!! Funny, Funny!

We each took a turn at riding the inviting Sayulita waves.

TJ putting her best foot forward.... even though it is goofy-foot!

Mark displayed more of the gladiator-type style.

Overall, we had a pretty good time even if the waves weren't really all that big! When you're on the other side of those waves it can feel is if you are dropping into nothing-ness while struggling to keep from being swallowed up by it! I would do it again in a minute! Good times!

Gus just thought we were all pretty crazy and said we should lighten up on the margaritas. After a few, he decided he should give it a try too!


  1. Hey, you didn't get permission before you posted those flabby legs. BTW- we are in training for shelter cove....want to go?

  2. I'm in! Though I will probably won't be ready until summer. The waves in the Cove are not as welcoming as the ones in S'lita.
    and what do you mean "flabby" legs? Those are muscles, aren't they???