Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our trip to Sayulita

What better way to endure the cold, wet winters of the Pacific Northwest than to spend a few weeks in Mexico.

Sayulita is a small surfing, fishing village about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta in the state of Nayarit. I had visited San Blas, Nayarit many years ago when I was in college, so returning again was a long time wish of mine.
This is a warm, affordable area of Mexico that is becoming more and more popular each year, but for now, it is a paradise!

We snorkeled along these pristine shores, capturing a glimpse of life aquatic near the Bay of Banderas.
The town square in the village of Bucerias.

The moon was full while we were there providing some very dramatic low tides and extraordinary moonsets over the ocean.

These are a few shots of the casa that we rented. Casa Zorro was situated at the top of a significant hill giving us not only an incredible view, but plenty of exercise walking back home after a day of indulging in cervezas and fish tacos from one of the many restaurants in town.

We had two master B&B's along with a completely stocked kitchen(not food, but everything else).
We went with another couple who proved to be just as adventurous as we are!
We surfed...

We hiked alot..... we explored as much of the area as we could, all on foot! One day we booked a catamaran out to Las Marietas Islands to do some whale watching, snorkeling and kayaking.

But most of the time we just went North, South East or West in search of new territory to explore.

This is one of many beaches that we discovered as we hiked along the ocean shores. We hiked 4 miles this day to San Pancho, the next town to the north of Sayulita.

This is just a small snapshot of the enormous rock outcropping that we scaled to complete our journey around the point south of Playa de Los Muertos. It was really scary, but we did it! This was a day full of adventure. It seemed as though each and every bend of the rocky shoreline unveiled a spectacularly beautiful little beach. We even came across one beach that had a little beach bar. We were stoked that we could take a break from traversing all those rocks to sit down and have an ice cold Pacifico! We put in about 5 miles this day and ended it by snorkeling at sunset.

Some days the beach was busy, but most of the time it was relaxing and easy. This is the main Sayulita beach on a Thursday afternoon. Plenty of activities for everyone from taking a fishing trip out on one of the little motorboats to relaxing under an umbrella with a margarita or perhaps trying your skills at surfing on the gentle rolling waves that make Sayulita popular for the beginning surfer.

Mexico is rich in colorful and inspiring architecture.
The ever happy feet!

How can such infinite beauty not bring out the romantic in us!!???

This is truly the place of endless summer.
I love Mexico!

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  1. Nice! It seems as if I was there. Wait... I was.