Monday, August 11, 2008

The Costco Experience

Most of us have seen it. That person who returns the rusted out b-b-que that is probably 5 years old to Costco for a refund. Or how about the ones who bring back the nova-foam mattress cover after they've slept on it for a few weeks only to decide that they don't actually like it? With disgust we carefully maneuver our carts past the refund counter while we mumble something under our breath that sounds like a cat hissing when its tail gets stepped on.
"Oh, come on. That person's not really expecting Costco to give them their money back, are they?" Hissssssssssssss.
"Can you believe it? Abusing the system that way...Tsk, tsk....
Well, today that refund abuser was me. I can hardly believe it myself. Somehow I wound up offering to ride along with my son while he returned the demolished RV cover back to Costco. It sounded like a nice time to bond and chat, which it was, but it was also horribly embarrassing! For one thing, it took us two carts to get the thing back into the store. A flat one for the poles and then a regular cart to cram the plastic cover into. How he would've done it on his own, I know not. As a wayward pole slid off the side of the flat cart making a loud clanging sound, I almost took out a woman caring a child in her arms. That brought a few looks. I just kept telling Nate to keep his head down and don't look up! Just then I thought I heard him scream one of his little man-type screams that he does, because a snail crawled out from under the canvas and started to crawl up his hand. He mentioned that the canvas cover had been outside on the ground for a few days. That would explain all the snails. Eventually we made it inside to the refund counter amid the long hard stares of those loyal Costco customers marching past us with their carts loaded with recent purchases. Did they have to look so long? Did we really look that ridiculous? We really did look that ridiculous.
Just then, no.... That's not who I think it is heading this way, is it?
No.... please, I don't want to see anyone that actually knows me....
"Well Hello, How are you doin'? "
"Just great " I lie.
"Is that all your stuff there?"
"Mine?...This stuff?... Oh no, it must be this guy behind's his stuff."
"Hmmm, well, Hey, great to see you."
"Yeah, You too!"
I think I have successfully pulled it off.
Just when I hear my son ask me,
"Do you hear a rooster crowing in here........You disowned me over a canvas RV cover!"
I couldn't help but laugh and apologize, but c'mon...I had to save face.
We laughed about it in the car on the way home!
And the refund? Yes, Costco did give us our money back even though I bought the thing a few years ago. (without the snails, of course).
That's got to be the best customer service any store has to offer. Since they have such a great return policy, I look there first to buy what I need. Then if I can't find it there I will get it elsewhere.

Here's a typical Costco run for our family. Wesmonger went with me last time I shopped and he victoriously exclaimed that this should last us a month or so...
How about a week, Wes.
Really? was his reply.

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  1. Should I say tsk, tsk, or perhaps join you by hauling in that ripped raft we have been using all summer!