Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer Time in Salmon Creek

Happy feet. This is what feet should be doing on a hot summer day in August. Although here on the coast we have had the coolest summer I can ever remember, the inland valleys regularly have daytime temperatures in the 80's which lures us to the rivers and creeks for fun in the sun.

And of course, sleeping is required. All I could accomplish after all the activities I have been writing about was a nice afternoon nap. Even though it looks like I collapsed upon a pile of hard rocks, I actually found a small portion of warm sand in which I carefully nestled myself.

All that napping makes one hungry, so of course we then spent the rest of the afternoon doing that among other things.

Important things like sitting under Mark & TJ's veranda which are loaded with grapes

and watching the cows and donkeys graze on hay and grass.

Did I mention how much I love summer?

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  1. nice. what a beautiful place ;-), Tj