Saturday, August 30, 2008


Whoa. It's been almost two weeks since I've written anything. Sometimes I just don't have anything that I think is worth saying. The Fall semester has begun and I am again returning to school. I am taking 10 units. I am hoping to work towards a degree in nursing. It feels a little weird to be on campus taking physiology during the day with all those young people, so I just try to keep my head low and act like I belong there. Two of my classes are online which is nice. I am only on campus two afternoons a week. I call it my mid-life-return-to-college stage of my life. We'll see where it leads.
I just found out that grandbaby #3 is on the way. N and E are going to have a baby! Apparently the little darling is a pre-nuptual conception and will be due sometime in January. An exciting event no matter what the circumstances! I am so happy for N & E. Next week they will have an ultrasound to find out the gender. Can't wait.
Reebs is in love, Jo is growing up too fast, Monger is a full fledged teenager, and Arbiter thinks he should be done with his education at the ripe age of 12.(He chose this internet name for himself).
These names of course are not their real names, I just think it's best to leave some details of their lives uncovered. You never know, they may want to run for president someday and we wouldn't want anyone to be able to dig up any loose dirt from their past! Can you just imagine that? The media uncovering events like how they treated their mother when they were 14 or who they were dating and where they worked in H. S.??? It would be insane. So just in case they want to become public figures, their names will forever remain anonymous. (even though some of you know what they are!).


  1. I don't think that you need to keep your head low in class, You're pretty cool, you'll end up with all those young-uns hanging around you, asking you if you want to hang out with them in the mall on the weekend. He he, just kidding, but you are pretty cool, me and Rachel love hanging out with you.

  2. Hey. Just a reminder. Your bi-monthly update is due. In this community we expect every member to add the spice from their life to the stew...choice meat, or old cabbage, or peppery comment... just share! mark