Monday, August 04, 2008

Primitive Blogging

Back in the day, as my grandparents used to say, before this technological era of electronics where we use blackberrys, palm pilots and laptops to manage our days, there was the family chalk board. On this board we would post the days or the weeks appointments, the daily chores or a bible verse for daily inspiration. With the advent of every type of personal management device known to man, the simplicity of the blackboard brings the busyness of the daily routine to a pace that somehow just seems a bit more manageable.
During the family visit, the inspirations were eagerly jotted down on our family chalkboard. Each day there were new "posts" written by whomever paused and wrote as they passed through my kitchen. Many times the inspirations are drawings; other times it may be a famous quote or verse of poetry or song lyrics. Sometimes the board isn't quite big enough to display all the creativity and sadly we have to erase it to allow for more chalk blogging.
Cruising through my kitchen each morning on my way to the coffee pot I enjoyed all the little sayings that my family posted on the board. I felt this was another opportunity to become more familiar with each one of my nieces and nephews as each one of them has become more eager to share their insights as they enter early adulthood.

Arriving at our friend's ranch, we were greeted with their family inspiration of the day which happened to be JoJo's birthday greeting!

Happy Birthday, darlin'!

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