Monday, September 22, 2008

Civil War Re-enactment

This past weekend, the boys got to participate in a re-enactment of the Civil War with a group that comes to town every so often to portray battles that took place during the war. This year our boys went with the Boy Scout troop to help out with parking. When they arrived, the older boys were invited to grab a Confederate uniform and a gun and get in line! Probably similar to the way it was during the actual Civil War. Many boys were lying about their age just to be able to go into battle. Some drummer boys were under 14 yrs old. Many 15 & 16 yr old boys ran off to fight in the war when fighting erupted near their home towns.

Wesmonger is 2nd from the left. Notice the 2 biffys in the background... Kind of spoils the authentication!

Reporting for duty, Sir!

Off they go for their first engagement

The entire area was set up the way it might have been back in 1865. For a small entry fee, folks could come and browse through the camps asking re-enactors questions about the Civil War.

The boys had a great time. Though I don't know that boys had braces on their teeth or "Vans" on their feet back then!
Seth got to participate the next day (by lying about his age, just as he might have back then!)
I didn't get any photos of him, though. I was home sick with a cold :(
My neighbor who is a photographer took some of him, so I hope to get those soon!

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