Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Honor of Uncle Jim

I had an uncle who recently passed away. My Uncle Jim was a WW2 veteran who served in the military, was held captive by the Swiss then came home to share his story. He lived a long life with many years of service in various civic organizations. Several weeks after his memorial, my father organized a 21 gun salute with his veteran's group to honor the life of a man who gave his youth to serve in our country's fighting forces. We were invited to join in on this special event, to witness the respect and honor given to a passing friend and loved one. I was especially moved by the sincerity these men expressed as they spoke of the life of a man they knew not, but one with whom they shared a common bond. Just as my uncle had volunteered himself to defend our country's liberties, these gentlemen also have given years of their lives to do the same.
My dad is the one at the far end holding the POW flag. He too shared his youthfulness with countless other young men in defending the US during WW2.

Here are the men firing off the 1st round of 7 guns. I apologize that this photo is blurry but I jumped a bit as the guns went off. They were louder than I had anticipated!
Thank You again, gentlemen for honoring my family in this special way.

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