Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Humboldt Harvest of Another Kind

As the days hover between summer & autumn with warm, breezy days and cool, misty nights, harvest is in the air. By harvest I don't mean the skanky illegal kind, but the productive, homestead kind. The kind of harvest that provides for me a cupboard full of canned pears and preserved jellies and a wood shed filled with neatly stacked dry firewood for the wood stove.
Last weekend we visited M& TJ up at the Ranch.
We gathered fruit that was ripening on the trees while the guys went out to fill the pickups with wood. The best part about a trip to the ranch is the time of visiting and sharing our stories while relaxing in M&TJ's living room.

The grandkids discovered TJ's Matryoshka dolls and spent an inordinate amount of time examining them! You know, those little wooden nesting dolls that stack into one another. We were amazed that ACJ new the real name for them and asked TJ if she could play with her Matryoshka dolls. My what??? TJ learned the real name for them from a very young teacher!

On our way out we got a quick glimpse of those movable boulders that are seen on the ranch from time to time. These things look like prehistoric creatures that dwell among the rocks, camouflaged by the grasses and contours of the countryside. Notice the tiny little legs poking out from under that huge mass of wool!

They are almost the size of a Volkswagen beetle!

The sunset was a stunning farewell to a productive day.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like a nice place! Can we visit? I especially liked the photos of the m... sheep?

    Glad you enjoyed your time here. We liked it too.

    Blessings Friend,