Thursday, September 25, 2008

Safe Haven

I have to admit. I've had days like this. But then again................

While reading the news, I see this story of a guy who drops off all 9 of his children at the local hospital under the protection of the "Safe Haven Act." This is a law enacted to allow mothers (or fathers for that matter!) to drop off their unwanted children at a local hospital instead of abandoning their newborns in a trash can or in a bathroom somewhere. In Nebraska, where this particular story took place, they have expanded this law to include older children as well. Apparently, this dad had had enough of his kids and decided to just drop them off.,2933,428022,00.html

His name has been kept anonymous because he is protected under the law. I hope they aren't homeschoolers.

Can you just imagine this???

I can just see the dad telling the kids, "That's it! I've had it!"
And then off they went.

I've had difficult days and all, but this just seems so extreme! I love my kids far too much to ever do something that extreme. (and they love me!)

What will happen to those kids? Will he wake up tomorrow feeling horrible that he ever did such a thing? Or will he buy a plane ticket for he and his wife to spend some time in Cancun?

And what about his wife? Does he even have one? He must! Did she have any say in all of this?

Wow. Something like this sure makes you wonder...

Here's a nice nostalgic photo for you. This was taken probably 5 or 6 yrs ago! Down by the Eel River.
Did I mention how much I love my kids? They're the best!


  1. In my mind, temporary insanity, or a single-parent meltdown, and he picks the kids up tommorow... I'm gonna hope that they all get good counseling and mom and dad STILL go to Cancun. mark

  2. I'm just thinking, Praise the Lord he didn't do anything worse to them! How many stories have we heard of fed-up parents who did worse? Thank God they are safe.