Friday, October 03, 2008

Adios to the Summer weather!

The rain has come, summer has gone. So sad.... Last Sunday Gus and I went out to the harbor entrance and had a nice summer walk. You see here in Humboldt County, we get our summer weather in the fall just before the rain comes. It is short in duration, perhaps only a few weeks, so we have to get out and enjoy it while it's here. This was an exceptionally warm, calm day out on the beach. Quiet, blue skies awaited us as we made our way down the jetty. We drank down the summer sun as if it were our last. We were determined not to waste a single minute of it. Savoring each moment like it were a delicate glass of choice wine, sipping it in & swirling into our memories. I love the ocean.

I love the gulls resting so picturesque on their lofty perches. I love the little shore birds that run along the sand with their knees bent backwards, screeching loudly as they swoop near the breaking waves.

I love to watch the ocean tide as it laps the rocks along the jetty, the water shimmering like sapphires against a brilliant sky. Mmm. And I love a Creator who so lovingly gifted mankind with such a great treasure to be enjoyed and experienced just to give us a glimpse of how incredible He is!

It was a very good day.

Ms. Tilly loves the ocean about as much as I do.

I also love the man who on any given day will drop whatever he's doing to spontaneously run off on an adventure with his honey. Just because he loves me. Just because he likes to be with me. Just because he is that kind of guy.
Wow, I am incredibly blessed.

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