Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is this?!

Are you kidding me? What is this? I found it on my dining room table this morning.
Is that my name etched in the card? And did you notice that it says these are my permanent cards? What exactly does that mean?
I wasn't aware when my membership in this club actually started. I thought I had a few years. What's the deal? Do they want us to feel older?
C'mon.... I'm just getting used to the fact that I have gone over the hill. I don't need these people signing me up for the old people's club.
Notice that at the bottom it says that if I remove the perforated portion and send it off, I will become a member in good standing....
Who tore it off and sent it in????
I certainly didn't have a hand in it.
I would have shredded the envelope without even opening it.
Gosh... I feel old just looking at it!!!!
Does it sound like I am in crisis mode??? I'm really not. I just get worked up about random things. I love the fact that I am now 50 yrs old and I feel as good as I do! I am grateful for the fact that I can still hop on my ten speed and take a long bike ride (yes, a ten speed - I still have it from the 70's and it still works great! ). I am thankful that I have a wonderful husband that has loved me through the various seasons of our lives together, despite my mood swings :)
So, no... actually I am not in crisis mode. Getting this card in the mail offers for me a visual reminder of the years that have gone by and the ones yet to come. I guess I, too, have come to a milestone in my life just like some of my other family members in previous days.


  1. I hear that you are going to start the new year in a little surf town south of the border... Maybe AARP should rescind your membership!

  2. husband got one of those two. And then on his birthday, our churches senior ministry called him AND emailed him. OUCH!!!