Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going Too Far........

This is when you know the blogging habit is going too far.
Today while doing school work with our youngest son, Arbiter, as he likes to be called, he mentioned that he had a little bump near his eye that was bothering him. I paid little mind to his complaint until I looked up and noticed that he did indeed have a bump on the side of his nose near his eye. Upon further investigation, I realized that he had reached a milestone in his young life, just like his brothers have in the past few weeks.
I realized that this little bump on the side of his nose was not just a red bump, but it also had a little white head on it.
Wow! I cried! You've got your first zit!
My first what???? he blushed.
Let me get my camera! I cried. I want to put it on my blog!

The other kids gathered around as we made a really big deal that he had gotten his first zit. He laughingly pushed away from us, telling us that we were a bunch of weirdos! Everyone seemed to have their own remedy for a quick recovery from the little blip.
Don't pop it! Don't even touch it!
Put toothpaste on it and it will go away faster!
Use honey on it. The enzymes in the honey will eat it up.

So, there we have it. Another child reaching the heights of adulthood.
And to think ..... it all starts with a zit.


  1. Congratulations.... I guess!?

  2. But where is the picture???! I'm so with you--everything is post worthy!

    Cute story. Did he pop it?

    Oh, I came over from TJ and Mark's blog. Nice to meet you. :)

  3. All of my kids objected to the photo shoot! They said it was too over the top and besides, everyone knows what a zit looks like. A.