Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is Wes-Monger behind the wheel of an automobile.........

And this is me on drugs.......... any questions?

Yes, He's driving! Yes, that's his Dad's new pick-up. and No, I don't like it !!!!!
This absolutely cannot be possible.
Once again, I am emotionally amazed that another adult milestone has been reached by one of my kids.
Amazed and gratified all at the same time.
This , of course, means that Wes will be graduating from college before too long, bringing home a young lady to meet the family, getting married.......... whoa, I'm getting way ahead of myself!

I am so proud of you, Wes. You are completing your second year of Community College at the age of 16, you are within reach of your Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts and you are a leader with your peers. My prayer is that you continue to grow in the riches that Christ has given all of us and that you anchor those treasures deep with in your heart. For with His grace and blessing, you will have eternal success.

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  1. Wow! Were you actually on a road with other cars....or in your alley? Way to go WES!