Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall, Family & Felines

This is the last of the apples that I have to deal with.... I hope. I actually have a tree in the back yard that is still drooping with fruit. It is a late bearing apple of some sort. Usually I don't deal with those until Thanksgiving when I make some homemade apple pies.
I just thought I might upload some random photos of my family as we've enjoyed the beautiful fall that we have experienced here on the NorthCoast of California.
We are expecting our first significant rain storm of the season over the weekend. Looks like winter is creeping in whether we want it to or not!

A ride at the beach is one of the girls favorite ways to spend a fall day.

The horses just love rolling in the sand after a good run and a good sweat! Notice the little terrier in the photo who I thought I had gotten a new home for? He's back. Click on the link to hear more about that story!!

It's always a sad sight to see the trailer get packed up and put back into storage.

And this is my little buddy, Poo Poo Head, as I call him. He is a little hyperthyroidic and controling, but he's a good guy.

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