Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hero's Homecoming

He's baaacckk! Even if it was just for a short visit, Hero's coming over to our house was fun! Most of my friends remember Hero, our little fox terrier who needed a new home.
After the guy from Arcata adopted Hero I tried to warn him. I told him that if a tall, beautiful brunette gal came running across the Plaza screaming the dog's name that it would most likely be my daughter. Well, as fate would have it, the ever-courageous, outgoing, socialite Reebs, decided she would like to follow up on this handsome dude who adopted our little Hero. No, she didn't see him in town or on campus, so she decided to just take matters into her own hands. In her charming, sweet way she sent a friendly email to this certain single, tall, handsome new owner of Hero asking if it were possible for her to visit the dog and he very promptly replied to her inquiry with a resounding yes. Since both of them are single, tall and very outgoing, they began spending more time together...... with the dog, of course. Before too long they were hanging out fairly regularly. A few weeks have gone by now and I had been anxious to know if I was going to get to visit with the little bugger. Admittedly, I really have missed him. When Reebs & Cam came over to go horseback riding, they brought "Rex" with them to see us. I really am stoked that I got to see him again. And he looks so good. Cam keeps him in really great shape. They spend alot of time outdoors doing all sorts of activities. Rex was excited too! He wriggled and squirmed and licked and jumped and tore around the yard with Tilly.

As you can see from the video, even Tilly was happy to see him. They wrestled together on the floor, then later on that afternoon they ran along side the horses on the beach for hours. I kept thinking about the story of Black Beauty when he and Ginger are separated but then they get to see each other again. Kind of the same sort of feeling... sort of. Anyway, I think it's a cool story. Hero and Cam were definitely two faces that I never expected to see again! Would I have ever thought this kind of thing would happen when I adopted Hero out? I don't think so. It's definitely been an unexpected pleasure. I still get to love on him and see him and that's pretty special to me. It makes the adoption a little easier to cope with. Truly this is an even better ending to an already great story.

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