Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Blooming Locust

O.K. So it's now July 1st, summer should be kickin' in full swing here, river weather all around. HHMM... then why do I see this out my window nearly every morning? I know, this is the Pacific Northwest and people love it here just for this very reason, but, come on...just a little heat....please?! Perhaps I will just have to wait until August.
See this beautiful tree in the foreground? It sits across the fence in my neighbor's front yard. Today I arrived home from farmer's market to find the tree faller sizing up how he was going to cut it down! I was so bummed. A couple of hours later the tree lay in pieces in my front yard :( It was a Locust tree. The blooms are stunning for about 2 weeks then it looks just like any other tree for the rest of the year. My neighbor says he was afraid that it was rotting and could fall on one of our houses. I disagreed, but it was his tree, so what could I do? I let him know I was disappointed, but it came down anyway. So sad. I already have a tree ready to be planted to replace it. In fact, I am going to plant two trees in my yard to replace it. I have two spruce trees growing in pots that I got at an Earth Day celebration in '07. They will be just perfect for that spot. I want to do my part to prevent global warming and all that stuff....

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