Monday, July 14, 2008

Cherry Pie - pt. 3

I saw an old friend today. We used to see each other frequently as our children were growing up. She has seven, I have six, so we always had alot to talk about whenever we were together. As we stood there in the middle of the grocery store, I realized that nothing had really changed in either of our lives except that our kids had gotten older, we each had a few grandchildren now and our marriages are still healthy and vibrant. That was refreshing. One thing that had changed was the amount of heartache each of us has endured as we have raised our children and as they have flown the nest. Our stories were laced with excitement as we recounted how many of them are married now and were raising families of their own. Or how our homeschooling days are numbered now as our younger children have reached Jr. High school age. Sprinkled within the dialog, though, was also a measure of sadness as we each revealed a subtle disappointment now and then from some of the choices our children have made over the years. After a time we realized that through it all, our children are and always have been a tremendous blessing to us despite the ups and downs. I know there are times when the dark clouds seem exceptionally dark, but nobody said it would be easy. My mom told me today, "When they're young, they step on your toes, When they grow up they step on your heart." I know now how that feels.
One thing that amazes me most as I trust in Christ and the promises that His Word ensures, is the ability to reach for and grasp joy in any and all circumstances. These little victories that I obtain despite what is happening around me keep my heart glad and my face aglow. I feel very blessed to be called one of His children.
When I have alot to think about, I like to keep my hands busy and create. So I made soap....lots of it.

Then I made a cherry pie.

It took me several tries to make the crust, but I finally got it.

Yummy....a quick walk to the grocery store for some vanilla ice cream to put on top of my slice of pie and my cares were quickly forgotten! Funny how food helps!


  1. Amen. Again. And, I suppose I really am too late for any pie. That's okay, I think vicarious pie is best for a guy in my shape.

  2. No, Mark, cherry pie is what you need. None of this "vicarious" business!