Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Humboldt Road

Even though the smoke is thick in the air and the sun is pressing down hard upon us, I just had to get out on my bike. I have always enjoyed taking a good long bike ride to get my blood pumping. Today I went about 10 miles down the highway, visiting some lonely cows along the way.

I traveled along on my vintage Raleigh 10 speed. Gus bought this bike for me when we were first married 28 yrs. ago. I have put infinitive number of miles on it and it still sails along like it did the first day I got it. I have had to have it re-built a couple of times, but usually just a tune-up is all that it has needed.
I cruised along taking the time to enjoy the sights. We live in such an incredibly diverse area. There is so much to see and do in Humboldt. Some days the adventure can be traipsing through dune grass out at the beach, another day it could be taking the kayak out to the river, and the next hiking under the canopy of a grove of 300 ft. old growth redwood trees. I have yet to see even a fraction of what this county boasts in the way of recreation.

This is a farmer putting up round bales.

The rodeo is coming up in a couple of weeks, so there are some bulls in this pasture that are used for the bull riding competition. They seem to live the good life most of the year and then they have to work real hard for a couple of days. What I thought was really funny was that these humongous animals were actually afraid of me! I could hardly get close enough to take a good photo. I told this guy that I wouldn't ride him even if someone paid me $10,000. But then I started to ponder that....could I? Would I? I don't know....maybe if I didn't actually have to go outside the shoot!

Best part of my ride? Stopping in to see the grandbabies playing in the pool. They thought Grandma looked pretty silly in her bike helmet.

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