Monday, July 28, 2008

Cutting the Apron strings

Now came the time to commemorate leaving his family and cleaving to his wife. At the rehearsal dinner I brought along one of my favorite aprons, one that I had worn many times while raising Son#2 from boyhood to manhood. Stained and tattered, I removed it from my waist and asked him to grab hold of the other end of the ties. I ceremoniously removed a pair of scissors from my pocket and snipped off the tie that he was holding and let the apron fall suddenly from his grasp. I told him that the apron strings were now cut and that I was no longer responsible for his care. I handed the apron to his soon to be wife and told her that now she could take over as my work is finished!

E looks like she's not too sure what to do with it but I'm confident that in time, she will develop all the skills she needs to make her man happy!
Later that evening, S2 came up to me to show me that he had put the apron string back together by tying it in a nice little knot! Very funny, I laughed, but that didn't change a thing! Although he and I will always be tied together like that apron string, the new Mrs. D will be the one wearing the apron now.

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  1. What a great idea. Hope it works. :-)