Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I've been reading alot of different blogs recently, coming to this conclusion: most of us have a lot to say! Within these vessels of clay, we seem to have absorbed an incredible amount of mud. Some can pour it on thicker than others. Some keep it short and sweet. Some are serious, some are religious. A lot are of babies. A few are about pets. Many, many reasons to post those things that are most important in our lives. Just who reads them anyway? Today I got a huge number of hits on my blog due to the fact that it was highlighted on the navigational bar. Viewers logged on from many different parts of the world. I even got some comment junk mail. That was a first. I never knew there was such a thing. We'll have to come up with a cute little name for that stuff. Something like deletements or whatever. I like the idea of this blog stuff but then again, I wonder how smart it really is to post so much information about oneself. Any thoughts?


  1. even though it's unlikely that someone out there might take a little-too-much-interest in what you have to write, identity is a precious thing. (and a totally useless thing, but that's more metaphysically.)

    this is emily, by the way. i've moved. hope all is well with you and yours --

  2. I do wonder about this whole 'blog' thing. Like why do I do it, why do I enjoy comments and why do I get freaked out when someone I don't really know walks up to me and begins talking like old friends because he's read our blog? So, maybe a little more distance and not using real names and places might be good. I'm not sure. My hubby thinks I think too much about this, but my final conclusion is that I blog to keep a remembrance of our days, to share what we can, and to connect to a broader community at large. We live very isolated, so the connecting part is pretty important to us. Of course, we also use our blog as a marketing tool. Anyway, these are my thoughts on the subject.

    (oops, this is Tj/ Diesel Diva is K and she was the last one logged in and I am now too lazy to relog in and rewrite everything. )