Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Uninvited Wedding Guest

Sometimes no matter how carefully the guest list is developed, there can be that one uninvited guest that boldly comes to the festivities with out an invitation. And that's exactly what happened, though not in the way that we expected. Yes, as you can see by the photo below, our uninvited guest was not your typically obnoxious long lost uncle, or a heartbreak from the past. Oh no, our uninvited guest was uglier and scarier than that! Our party crasher was a young California Brown bear. The four legged, furry kind. With big hairy paws and long sharp claws. Dudes, we were scared. I was ready to climb into the nearest car and lock the doors. Most of the young people ran over to get a closer look while their parents hollered at them to stand back. They were much braver than I.

The excitement all started at the Rehearsal Dinner. We were outside, in a very rural setting at a very rural country ranch out in the middle of a small meadow. We had been informed by our Ranch hosts that Mr Bear has been visiting regularly in the evenings about 7 p.m. About halfway through our meal, I heard the first shouts of excitement. Someone had seen a bear! What!?! we all cried! We flew out of our chairs to get a closer look (because to most of us, seeing is believing) as we were completely dismayed and awed at this wild creature. He roamed for about 40 minutes cruising around back and forth near us, then our hosts ran him off after he stole a loaf of bread off of their back screened in porch. I was glad to see him go.

This photo had to have been taken before Mr. Bear showed up, because they wouldn't look so relaxed and happy after seeing that hairy beast prowling around looking for an opportunity to steal our food.

Here we are with the newest Downeys. The big wedding day is over, the presents are opened and the happy couple has gone off on their honeymoon. Now we can settle back into life. No more intensity! Wow. this stuff really wears you out. I am truly amazed at all the little details that need attention when preparing for a wedding. From putting out ice and drinks to hanging lacy curtains to decorating tables, moving chairs; the list can be almost endless. So much fun and excitement, but also a lot of work! We could have hired a wedding planner, but they can be very expensive so my other DIL volunteered to oversee the implementation of all of E's ideas and desires for her big day. Everything went super great. We awoke to the most excellent weather we could have wanted. No fog, warm breeze and blue skies. Just what we prayed for.
After all the festivities were over, we were more than ready to finish up and get some much needed rest. Just when the last of the guests departed and we were busily cleaning up the grounds, who do yo think made another grand appearance? Yep, Mr. Bear came back. He just wanted another look around to see what kind of left overs we were going to leave for him. This time he came a little closer and sneered a little bit more. Our host says that he will have to get serious about finding somewhere else for this guy to live, because he is getting just a tad bit too bold.
Off go the happy honeymooners!

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