Monday, June 30, 2008

Cherry Pickin' in Humboldt

So incredible! E's tree is just LOADED with sweet, dark red cherries just waiting to be eaten! The tree is about 30 yrs old and one of the biggest cherry trees I have ever seen!

Nick trying his best to rediscover his inner child and climb this tree!

DIL takes her cherry picking very seriously!

One for me and one for the bucket! That's about how it goes when you're pickin' fruit this delicious! I think we all had stained teeth and hands by the time we got done!

When we finally finished gorging ourselves we wound up with a HUGE bucket filled with cherries.

Lucky for us I had a cherry stoner which made the job of pitting the fruit super easy. E & Kate sit down on the job and really make it look easy!

E set out all the ingredients for making a cobbler; her first one she's ever made. Actually, they picked enough cherries to make three! DIL and I took home enough to make 3 more! After all this hard work, the rewards are sweet and delicious! We are going to return again this week to pick enough to preserve. Should be good, but that will have to be another post!


  1. You've done it again!
    I think I'll try what worked last time with the fresh bread..."am I too late?" mark