Friday, June 20, 2008

Hanging out at the Humboldt Auction

Mark & TJ called us to head on over to the auction yard to keep an eye on their heifers that they had brought in to sell. They were on their way but weren't sure they would get there in time to see them come up for bid. So Jo and I walked over to check it out. It's been a long time since I've been to the auction yard. My first mistake was to walk around and look at all the cute sheep and goats that were there. Last time I did this I came home with a little ram lamb that I paid $20 for! When we were kids (teens) we used to go to the auction yard and we would often times come home with some cute little something or other; piglet, lamb, or kid goat. My dad would pitch a fit, but we felt good about saving some poor little darling animal from a most tragic ending. Eventually, though it seemed like they met that fate anyway! They do grow up!

I had to remind Jo of this yesterday as she lured the little drop calf over for a scratch.

The beef prices were decent but not great. You'd think with the price of everything going sky high lately that cattle prices would follow as well. Unfortunately for farmers it doesn't always work that way. After the sale, we all went out to lunch. I just couldn't bring myself to have a hamburger though, so I had fish and chips instead!

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  1. Your menu choices changed so quickly, and so frequently, that I didn't notice the switch from beef to fish as relevant. I (and the rest of america's cattlemen) hope you will reconsider. It's whats for dinner. mark