Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Wedding shower for Evelyn

The wedding is quickly approaching with only 50 some odd days left. We have had two showers for Evelyn; a "Garden" shower a couple of weeks ago where we were to bring gifts for the out of doors and a "Time of day" shower this past weekend where we were to bring gifts corresponding to a certain time of the day. I was to bring a gift for 9 a.m. My daughter had 10 a.m. We had a great time! (no pun intended)

The bride-to-be was surrounded by gifts shimmering with silver bows and glittering ribbons draped in organza & tulle fabrics & creative wrappings.

As she delicately unwrapped each gift, her perpetual smile left little doubt that she was truly blessed. What a treasure to see her friends pour blessings over her as she sets out in a direction in her life. There is a bitter sweet send off as they anticipate her transformation from singleness to betrothal as a wife and someday a mother.

Nick came along to enjoy some of the delicacies on the food table. They are both so excited to be joined together in marriage. Keep praying for them. You know there can be a glitch somewhere in the plans no matter how organized we think we are! July 26th will be here soon!

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