Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Jobs

Trying to find projects for my two boys for the summer is my latest adventure. Both boys are strong, young and capable yet it seems they lack the creativity to funnel that energy into usable tasks. That's where I come in. A typical morning in the family room consists of them tapping away at the keyboard on the computer deep into the "MySpace" world or draped over the furniture watching some WW2 movie for the umpteenth time or just plain old fashioned horse play. So being the driven mother that I am, I get them off their behinds and outside into the never-ending realm of home improvements. Here they are building a fence in the backyard. Much to my amazement, the fence actually came out looking great! It's straight, sturdy and structurally pleasing to the eye. Now my backyard looks like a cute little courtyard area for relaxation. Thanks, guys. Now off to find the next project! Oh yes, insulation needs to be put up in the new garage room!

And of course after this comes the drywall installation. That should keep them busy for at least 2 weeks. Then comes summer camp & vacation bible school & probably more home improvements. Before I know it August will be here and school will be starting. come the time seems to go so fast these days?

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  1. And firewood! Let's not forget firewood! Did I mention that they could cut firewood? mark