Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Soap Making trials - Part 2

So...that glob of lye that I got stuck in my pasta pot has now been freed. In a previous post`I wrote about the lye becoming stuck in a pot after it had been exposed to the air. Well, I had to redeem my pot, so I had to find a way to un-do the damage. I had to get the lye warm again in the oven so that it would melt a little, then I had to pry it out. And I mean pry. I put on my gloves and goggles and long sleeves and pants then took it out in the yard to figure out how to get it out of the pot. Remember, it is very caustic. I looked around trying to find something that would get the job done with as little effort as possible. I tried a knife, that didn't work at all, this stuff was as hard as rock! Aha! I spotted my husband's 6 ft. pry bar that is about 2 inches in diameter and figured that it would do the trick. The thing weighed about 10 lbs. but I managed to lift it and plop it into the pot a few times and viola! the lye broke into several pieces which easily lifted out of the pot. Although I now have a dent in the bottom of my pot!

Now I can get back to the business of making more soap!

This is the latest group of soaps that I have made. Lavender, Cinnamon-Apple-Peach (for Rhoni), Oats & Honey, Lovespell, GreenTea/cucumber, Apricot-Freesia & Plumeria (for Yvonne), among others.
I gave a soap making demonstration last evening to a group of 6th graders visiting the Redwoods for their end of the year trip. That is the first time I have done something like that on a large scale. I have shared my skills with people individually, but this was a first. The kids really enjoyed it and I gave them each their own bar of handmade soap to take home. I think I might try putting on a class and charging a fee for learning how to make soap. Any takers?

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  1. That depends... does your lovespell really work? Do you think tammie would use it? mark