Sunday, June 22, 2008

Turquoise Day in Humboldt

How's this for an amazing sight? Clouds casting shadows over other clouds. I don't know that I have ever seen that. We had quite a thunder and lightning storm Friday night. We don't often get aerial shows that are this dramatic. Some of the thunder felt like it was feet above the house. Next morning, the sky continued to unveil its majestic abilities by offering this glorious sunrise.

My daughter had a test to take in Eureka, so I tagged along with her to run errands and do some grocery shopping while she took the test. I walked along the waterfront in Old Town on this most amazing morning. This is the Pacific Northwest and the mornings are most often either rainy or foggy, so to be able to experience a morning like this is pretty monumental. Notice that there are no white caps on the surface of the water here.... still as can be.

I had to take a photo of these flags because I don't know that I have ever seen them lying flat against the poles!

Sometimes I would like to have a sign like this in my bedroom in the morning.


  1. Wow! What amazing photos and amazing sights.

  2. That sign should be in every adult's bedroom! I'll get up when I'm ready, thank you.