Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Heat is on in Southern Humboldt

Did I ever mention how much I love sunshine? I am truly a sunseeker. So why did I move to Humboldt County? Well, that's another blog.... But seriously, I do like the heat, which is why I like to go down to SoHum every chance I get. I love to find a quiet spot next to the river, plant my chair in the sand with a good read and just soak it up. The kids and the dog run and swim and play while I effortlessly but vigilantly perform my duty of childrearing via my lounge chair. Hey, somebody has to watch the kids all summer! Mommy duty doesn't have to be all hard work.
On a side, with the Solstice thunderstorms and consequential fires that followed and then the big marijuana raid by the FBI, our little neck of the woods has been a-buzz. Lots of activity and lots of rumors! Some of the blog comments have been absolutely hilarious. It seems that there are a lot of people here in Humboldt County that are more than just a tad bit paranoid. The comments range from the surprisingly accurate to the outrageously absurd! From the looks of the posts, the dates of the arrival of the 300-400 DEA , FBI, IRS, & Postal investigators was dead on. Someone did a little research to discover that most of the local motels and hotels had been booked for this week by various federal agents and one of the local conference centers had been booked all week for a "training exercise" for law enforcement. Absent were the accuracies of just where they were going and whom they were going to target for their busts. By mid-morning yesterday, most of the blog sphere was furiously reporting everything from cannabis club raids to 215 patient home invasions to Arcata grow house break-ins to Guantanamo Bay-type mass arrests of hippies with dread locks in orange jumpsuits!
What amazed me was the types of comments folks were posting. The anger and the verbal lashing out being expressed by these supposed mellow pot smokers was downright vicious. Considering the promoted assurance that marijuana doesn't make people violent just wasn't evident. Preserving their right to smoke pot seems to be right up there with the Bill of Rights and the pursuit of happiness. Life is short, eternity is long, perspective is necessary. Get serious, really. There are other things in life that deserve more energy and attention than promoting and protecting the inhalation of a small amount of grass rolled between a thin layer of paper. It just seems so ludicrous. Just some passing thoughts.........

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